Non U.S.A Resident?

open your

U.S. LLC & Bank account

From anywhere

[48 hrs service available]


From anywhere?


From anywhere!

Open your U.S. company

& U.S. business bank account

From your home in Peru

office in France

Coffee shop in Argentina

Apartment in Serbia

Share office in the U.K.

South K.  or Ukraine

Finland or UEA

Qatar or Germany

and 182 other countries.

You do NOT


to be in the U.S.

to open your U.S. Company

& U.S. business bank account



SINCE 2004



Tax returns

STARTING 01.01.2022

Complete compliance for LLC
Form 5472. Form 1120.
Avoid IRS penalties.

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CLM just left a new 5-star review of

Great Experience, Tax USA opened my LLC and EIN in 48 hours. My bank account was approved in less than 1 week. Great support, highly recommended!


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Victor Bordian just left a new 5-star review of

Top-notch service at Tax USA. Assisted us with company formation, virtual office / US address, opening a bank account, getting IRS tax number in the shortest timeframe possible. Very quick feedback and answers from support, totally recommended!


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Todd, Canada just left a new 5-star review of

Amazing experience as a foreigner…

Amazing experience as a foreigner setting up a USA business bank account. They were extremely patient and walked me through every step ensuring that all info was correct. My account was approved within 3 days and I am so happy with their services. Highly recommend it. Be sure to do all your work ahead of time with the right documents and you will fly through the process


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"Soon after I have opened my LLC, I started getting orders for my design services from US customers, in 6 months I have tripled my income! "
Dragan  Visopitch, Serbia


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"We wanted to expand our e-commerce shop to the U.S. and with the tax free LLC, we were up and running in no time! Sales are up 150%. Best move we've ever done." 

Nathan Shine, Peru


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"We have opened a tax free LLC for our Content Writing business and instantly started getting orders from the U.S., we have doubled our sales since then!"
Jody Porter, U.K.


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"When our dating app was ready for expansion, we signed up for the tax free LLC with Tax Usa and in less than 2 weeks we started getting U.S. users and installs."
Oren Cohen, Israel


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"I have opened a tax free LLC last year for my Amazon seller's account and since then selling at 30,000 USD per month, all tax free!"
Nico Gardiani, Italy


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"Tax free LLC is the best solution for non US residents like us. We have used it to grow our IT company from India into the U.S. and already have 200 U.S. customers"
Sachin Patel, India


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"I highly recommend TaxUsa and the tax free LLC for any non U.S. resident. It's easy to set up and you instantly start seeing U.S. income. Tax free. It's great."
Eduardo Santiago, Chile


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"In just 2 weeks I have opened my tax free LLC and my Amazon seller's account and started to sell FBA products ranging $20,000-$50,000 per month. Amazing!"
Dave Harve, Australia


About us:

In the past 17 years
We have specialised
in opening U.S. companies
and U.S. bank accounts
from any country
in the world


We are TAX USA, a full service U.S. tax and accounting firm,

which started back in 2004 and for the past 17 years helped thousands of 

non U.S. residents just like you to open U.S companies and bank accounts.

Why so many trust us?


Our packages are fully proven over 17 years and
with thousands of satisfied customers.​​


Our CPAs are fully licensed and
you can ask to view the license at any time



A full service tax & accounting firm established in 2004.

17 years of service! 1000s of success stories. 



24/7 support via live chat, email
and Skype​


We are proudly located in NY:

1820 Avenue M Suite, 1079
Brooklyn, NY 11230

United States



We are an authorised IRS e-file provider since 2004

We are listed and verified on the IRS website