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Premium Incorporation

Who is it for?

Premium Incorporation is for businesses located outside the U.S. that want to expend into the USA and owned by NON US RESIDENTS, with no US Social Security Number. Premium Incorporation is available to entrepreneurs around the world, and founders from more than 130 countries have started a company with Atlas.


Who cannot use Premium Incorporation?

Premium Incorporation cannot support hosting companies, affiliate marketing schemes, or companies that publish hate-related material.

Due to government and financial-partner restrictions, Premium Incorporation is currently unavailable to businesses with operations in certain countries, including:

  • Central African Republic

  • DR Congo

  • Cuba

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • North Korea

  • Russia

  • Somalia

  • South Sudan

  • Sudan

  • Syria

  • Ukraine

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen


Other country restrictions might apply, depending on business type, business location, and other factors.



Company types supported by Premium Incorporation

Premium Incorporation supports these options for forming a U.S. company in Delaware:

  • C Corporation

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

As outlined below, each option offers features that may be useful to startups in certain scenarios.


C Corporation

Founders might choose to incorporate a C Corporation because of features including:

  • Tax treatment: For tax purposes, a corporation is a separate tax-paying entity from its owners: taxes on a C Corporation’s profits and losses are reported and paid by the corporation.

  • Raising outside funding: A Delaware C Corporation is the entity generally preferred by outside investors who might be unable to invest in LLCs.

  • Ownership: A corporation’s structure facilitates granting equity to employees, advisors, and investors.

  • Defined governance structure: A corporation has a well-known, regulated, management structure.


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Founders might choose to form an LLC because of features including:

  • “Pass-through” taxation: The default federal tax treatment is that each of an LLC’s owners (called “members”) reports their share of the LLC’s profits or losses on their respective income tax return. Depending on each founder’s tax situation, this pass-through taxation might increase or reduce their personal taxes.

  • Corporate formalities and asset movement: An LLC might benefit founders who aren’t certain what their business will be doing, or what assets it will need to operate. An LLC can also make many major business decisions (such as transferring assets into or out of the company) with fewer corporate formalities than a corporation would require, and potentially without the same tax consequences that would apply to a corporation.


For more information about choosing an entity, and to learn more about the Premium Incorporation Operating Agreement, refer to our Premium Incorporation Guide to Picking an Entity.



What does Premium Incorporation include?


  • Forming your company in Delaware as either a C Corporation or an LLC

  • Delaware state filing fees

  • Signed documents to establish company rules and protect intellectual property

  • Tool to issue stock to founders of C Corporations within 30 days of incorporation

  • Opening your business bank account

  • Create a U.S. merchant account to accept payments from around the world

  • Registering your company with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Your first year of Delaware registered agent services

Information you’ll need to provide
The information we request is required to:

Your business and its products or services
To help you open your Bank & merchant accounts, we typically need to review your website to view the products or services you’re selling, how much you charge, how customers can contact you, your terms of service, and more. If your website is still a work in progress, we’ll ask for screenshots, wireframes, or a detailed description that outlines where you’re headed.

We’ll also ask about the company itself: its founders, investors, and other relevant history.

The company to be created


Physical addresses
A physical address cannot be a P.O. Box, virtual mailbox, or mail forwarding address. You can use a business address or personal residence.

You will need to choose the appropriate options and then provide:
•    The new company’s proposed name
•    A physical business address (not necessarily in the U.S.)
•    A contact phone number
•    The number of shares of stock, or the number of units of ownership, to be authorized


Options for structuring your company’s ownership depend on whether you are forming a C Corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Your team
You’ll need to tell us about yourself, anyone else who will own more than 25% of the company, and anyone else filling the primary company roles. It is not required or expected that owners or officers are U.S. citizens or residents.
You’ll need to provide each representative’s:
•    Email address
•    Phone number
•    Legal name
•    Date of birth
•    Personal, physical address
•    Percent of expected company ownership
•    Government-issued identification document
You’ll need to upload color scans of identification documents in PNG or JPG format.

Ready to start?

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US LLC / INC certificate : included 

We will prepare all the necessary incorporation documents including articles of incorporation, Bylaws, Stock Certificates and more and we shall open the company for you within 48 HRs.



Resident agent  : included

Every US company must have a local agent, that serves as the legal accepting person for official and legal documents sent ot the company. We provide you that service for 1 year with this special price package.



EIN for non-residents : included

EIN is the company tax ID number, the identification number that any bank, customer or supplier will need from you to be able to open an account or to make a payment. We specialize in obtaining EIN for companies of non residents, when the owner does not have US Social Security Number. EIN for non US residents also included in this amazing special offer.



US address : included

Get US address for your US company. You can use it to receive mail, checks, credit cards, debit cards and more. It comes with web account that let you instantly see which item you have received and ask to forward it to your home or office address. There is a $9.99 monthly fee for the scanning service . Shipping cost are



Certificate of incorporation : included

We will send you the official Certificate of Incorporation signed by the Secretary of State so you can display it anywhere you want and use to verify you have a valid US company to any 3rd party. You will also receive from us Stock certificate which prove that you are the legitimate owner of the US company, Bylaws which are required by law and the EIN confirmation letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service.



FREE 1 hour consultation with a CPA

You also receive from us an amazing gift! 100% free consultation with our Certified Public Accountants. In the session, you will get answers to all of your questions related to your US business: 
Inc or LLC?
Delaware or other State?
Who should be listed as owner?
Will ownership be confidential?
Where can I open US bank account?
How can I pay vendors or employees?
Can I get paid by google? 
Can I get paid by Amazon?
All these questions and many more, will be answered during this very powerful consulting session which is now 100% free!!!!



for non us residents




Our Bank Account Introduction & Submission Service assists you with the process of opening a bank account for your US Company based on the options available at the time. The services includes:


We will introduce you to 3 banks send you complete contact information, sign up information, fee structure and personal contact within the bank.


Will you have to travel to the US to open the account?

It's up to you!

Out of the 3 banks we will introduce you to, at least one allows you to open the account remotely without traveling to the USA. The account will be a Multi-Currency account, with US official routing number which enables accepting wire transfers from any US bank (it will be a local wire, not international wire) and accepting e-checks from any US customers. It will also allow you accept credit cards from business and individuals on a case-by-case basis, subject to the bank approval.



Because we are not allowed to to open the account for you, under the money laundering prevention laws, we will work with you to open the account, guide you, help with the applications and with the required documents and information.





CPA consulting session: to discuss your banking needs and review your US incorporation structure





Prepare the necessary documents that you will need to present the bank during the account opening process





Direct email / chat / skype access to our banking team, to answer all of your questions during the account opening process, and full support until the account is open and fully active



​ ✔


If you select a bank that requires in person identification, We will send you a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Letter approving the company is in the process of opening bank account, and need to owner to come to the US to sign the documents at the bank.


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LLC with non US members & US real estate



Which income tax returns does LLC file



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Can I get more time to file the returns?



Do I need to submit audited financial statements?



What is my tax year?



Do I need to sign the tax returns?



How do I submit the tax returns?



Do I get filing confirmation? 



How long should I keep records?



Can my return be examined or audited?



Which information is required to prepare the tax returns?    



How do I submit the information to my CPA?



What happen if I am late with my filing?        



What happen if I don't file at all?


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