Tax Usa Inc’s services are specially designed for non-US Residents. Our expertise, years of experience in the U.S. incorporation market and knowledge of the U.S. tax code allows us to better understand the needs of foreign business owners to expand their operation into the United States.


We serve as one-stop-shop incorporation and taxation firm and offer wide range of services starting with Business incorporation for non-U.S.-resident in all 50 U.S. states and ending with introducing our clients to a network of bank contacts specializing in banking for foreign person operating a U.S. business.

Our clients stay with us on average 3-5 years.

We are full service US tax and accounting firm, and we accompany our clients in all stages of their business cycle. From starting up to managing it. From planning exit strategy to the selling the company and maximizing returns. You are fully covered.

Premium Incorporation:

$599 (US LLC or INC, EIN, Virtual Bank account with CPA support)  

$1,499 (US LLC or INC, EIN, PRIVATE BANKING account with CPA support)  )

$2,399 (Everything in the Premium package with first year tax filing)

EIN and related Premium Services:

EIN (employer ID number) $299 (48 hours service for additional $199)

Tax advice and consultation Services:

CPA Consultation (1 hour) $199 (learn more)

Bank Account Premium Service:

Physical Bank introduction $999 (Guaranteed opening)


Delaware LLC $59 + fees (total $248)

Wyoming LLC $59 + fees (total $260)

EIN (employer ID number) $139 (issued by the IRS)

EIN (employer ID number) with CPA review $199 (issued by the IRS)

5 bank list $89 (apply with 5 banks and virtual banks)

US Address & virtual office:

Real US address $199 (Plus $9.99 / month)

Fund raising and Exit:

eFunding starting at $999 (raise investment from US investors)

Other related services:

Annual report & tax filing$1699 (for non active companies)

Virtual CFO $500 / month (for all your tax / accounting needs)

Global incorporation (Offshore parent company with US subsidiary)

Amazon US Seller's account (Delivered by Globes America)

Digital products:

US Website development by BFF (get a quote)

Your own mobile app development by BFF (get a quote)

Live chat and social content gadget for your website (get a quote)

Optional: Business  documents for $49 each:

Business Plan
Business Proposal
Marketing Plan
Agreement to Lease
Confidentiality Agreement
Price Quotation
Distribution Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Employment Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Minutes for a Formal Meeting
Commercial Sales Invoice
Cashflow Forecast Monthly
Subcontractor Agreement
Consulting Agreement Short
Purchase Order - Excel
Executive Summary
Joint Venture Agreement
License Agreement Long Form
Business Credit Application
Employee Appraisal Form
Shareholders Agreement
Franchise Agreement
Notice of Termination
Contract for the Sale of Goods
Commission Sales Agreement
Reseller Agreement
General Power of Attorney
Terms of Service Agreement
Supply Agreement
Loan Agreement
Profit & Loss Statement
Asset Purchase Agreement Simple
Agreement of Transfer
Employment Application Form
Board Resolution
Administrative Services Agreement
Management Agreement
Exclusive Distribution Agreement
Employee Handbook
Performance Evaluation
Promissory Note
Advertising Agency Agreement
Artist-Agent Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Notice of Cancellation of Contract
Balance Sheet
Installment Payment Agreement
Service Level Agreement
Income Statement
General By-Laws
Software Maintenance Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
Code of Ethics
General Non-Compete Agreement
Notice of Layoff 2
Articles of Incorporation
Term Sheet
Time Sheet
Consignment Agreement
Consulting Agreement Long
Trial Balance
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Severance Agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement
Acquisition of Common Shares Documents Request for Due Diligence
Sick Leave Policy
Mutual Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement
Settlement Agreement
Equipment Lease Agreement With Option to Purchase
Warehousing Agreement
Guarantee Agreement
Proposal for Services
Outsourcing Agreement Manufacturing
Limited Warranty
Agreement for Internet Advertising Services
Dealership Agreement
Indemnity Agreement
LLC Operating Agreement
Credit Agreement
Offer to Purchase Real Estate Property
Acquisition Agreement
Request for Proposal
Equipment Lease Agreement Long
Retainer for Attorney
Administrative and Technology Services Outsourcing
Bill of Sale
Letter Notice of Litigation
Management Audit
Confirmation of Employment and Letter of Recommendation
Development Agreement General
Option to Buy Agreement Long
Exclusive Importation and Sales Agreement
Convertible Note Agreement

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