USA Incorporation

The Path to Success

LLC? Corporation? Delaware? Wisconsin? Single owner? Foreign owner? USA Incorporation can be very challenging. We take you hand by hand, and make it very clear and easy for you to set up your US company. With 15 years of experience and over 12,000 companies formed, rest assured that you will be up and running in the USA in no time.


The flow from start to finish

Step 1
Pre-incorporation consultation with a CPA

We start with a detailed one hour consultation session between you and one of our incorporation specialists. In that session we will better understand your needs, the nature of your foreign and US operation and discuss which entity type best suits your business (LLC or Inc), in which US State you should form your business and what should be the opimized ownership structure.

Step 2
Name reservation

The next step is finalize your US company name. We will ask you for 3 options for business name, and then, run a search to check which of the options is available. Once we find that your proposed name is available we will reserve the name to guarantee no one else will register it.

Step 3 
Forming the company

Now we are ready to form your company. We will prepare all the applicable paperwork for you to sign, including the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.  We shall send you detailed email with all the documents and clear instructions where to sign and which document. Then, once we receive it all back (by email), we will proceed with the registration and file everything with the Incorporation division of the selected State. This step ends after we follow up and verify that the company is properly formed and we obtain proof of filing which will be instantly forwarded to you.

Step 4
Tax registration & EIN

Employer Identification Number (EIN) also known as Employer Federal Tax Identification Numbers (FEIN) is the federal tax ID number issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service (US IRS) to identify your business. EIN is extremely important as every bank, vendor, customer, employee and other parties your business transact with, may ask you for that number to open an account, make a payment, process payroll and more.

Who must obtain an EIN?

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) which governs the U.S. Federal tax law determines who must, by law, to apply and obtain an EIN for its business. If your business meets the following criteria you fall under that category:  you have employees, your business is organized as a corporation, partnership or a Limited Liability Company, Your business offers a retirement plan benefits or if your  business withhold taxes from a non-resident on income.

How to obtain an EIN?

The IRS is the U.S. Government agency responsible to process EIN applications, approve or reject them and issue these numbers to the applicants.

Step 5
Putting it all together

Our experienced incorporation team will now create a complete and detailed package for you which includes everything you need to start operating the US company, interact with vendors, customers, employees, banks and other 3rd parties. To expedite things you will receive it all via email, so it will be avilable for you to access anywhere and anytime..

Step 6
Banking & payment solutions

Now that your US company is fully operational, you are ready to integrate the proper banking & payment solution for your business. We will inform you of all the various options, from traditional business checking account, to more advanced and on-the-go solutions that may fit your global business. Once you select the best solution for you, our team members will work with you to sign up with the applicable bank, or payment seervie provider.

Step 7
Annual tax filing

When it's time to file your annual tax filing with the IRS and various States, we shall discuss with you all the aspects of the filing requirements, and prepare the necessary tax returns, reports and schedules. We will then send you a detailed package with complete instructions that will guide you on how to submit it all in a timely manner and in full compliance.

Step 8
Year round advice

We are here for you 24/7, 365 days in a year. You will probably have many questions as you g along using the company, and our experienced team members will be hear to answers these important questions. We are available. Our goal is to make your US operation work by phone 1-888-TAXUSA, email info@tax-usa.net, Live chat (click on the chat button) and Skype.

US LLC / INC certificate : included 

We will prepare all the necessary incorporation documents including articles of incorporation, Bylaws, Stock Certificates and more and we shall open the company for you within 48 HRs.



Resident agent  : included

Every US company must have a local agent, that serves as the legal accepting person for official and legal documents sent ot the company. We provide you that service for 1 year with this special price package.



EIN for non-residents : included

EIN is the company tax ID number, the identification number that any bank, customer or supplier will need from you to be able to open an account or to make a payment. We specialize in obtaining EIN for companies of non residents, when the owner does not have US Social Security Number. EIN for non US residents also included in this amazing special offer.



US address : included

Get US address for your US company. You can use it to receive mail, checks, credit cards, debit cards and more. It comes with web account that let you instantly see which item you have received and ask to forward it to your home or office address. There is a $9.99 monthly fee for the scanning service . Shipping cost are



Certificate of incorporation : included

We will send you the official Certificate of Incorporation signed by the Secretary of State so you can display it anywhere you want and use to verify you have a valid US company to any 3rd party. You will also receive from us Stock certificate which prove that you are the legitimate owner of the US company, Bylaws which are required by law and the EIN confirmation letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service.



FREE 1 hour consultation with a CPA

You also receive from us an amazing gift! 100% free consultation with our Certified Public Accountants. In the session, you will get answers to all of your questions related to your US business: 
Inc or LLC?
Delaware or other State?
Who should be listed as owner?
Will ownership be confidential?
Where can I open US bank account?
How can I pay vendors or employees?
Can I get paid by google? 
Can I get paid by Amazon?
All these questions and many more, will be answered during this very powerful consulting session which is now 100% free!!!!






Our Bank Account Introduction & Submission Service assists you with the process of opening a bank account for your US Company based on the options available at the time. The services includes:


We will introduce you to 3 banks send you complete contact information, sign up information, fee structure and personal contact within the bank.


Will you have to travel to the US to open the account?

It's up to you!

Out of the 3 banks we will introduce you to, at least one allows you to open the account remotely without traveling to the USA. The account will be a Multi-Currency account, with US official routing number which enables accepting wire transfers from any US bank (it will be a local wire, not international wire) and accepting e-checks from any US customers. It will also allow you accept credit cards from business and individuals on a case-by-case basis, subject to the bank approval.



Because we are not allowed to to open the account for you, under the money laundering prevention laws, we will work with you to open the account, guide you, help with the applications and with the required documents and information.





CPA consulting session: to discuss your banking needs and review your US incorporation structure





Prepare the necessary documents that you will need to present the bank during the account opening process





Direct email / chat / skype access to our banking team, to answer all of your questions during the account opening process, and full support until the account is open and fully active



​ ✔


If you select a bank that requires in person identification, We will send you a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Letter approving the company is in the process of opening bank account, and need to owner to come to the US to sign the documents at the bank.