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Complete Business Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Management

Our CFO Services include full day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping for all business transactions. We include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and complete tax compliance.

Payroll Processing, Payroll Tax, Sales Tax and Income Tax Preparation

We include full service payroll processing, payroll tax compliance, sales tax return preparation and income tax return preparation.

Integration with All Major Accounting Software Applications

We work with every major accounting software application available. We will integrate our CFO services with any accounting software system you are currently using.

Watch Your Business Performance Soar

Once you have started using our CFO services you will see improved business performance. The time you will save can be reinvested into optimizing and growing your business instead of day-to-day accounting and tax requirements


Our team of experienced public accountants, bookkeepers and tax experts will design a customized Virtual CFO Service plan specifically for your business. The service can be tailored to include as few or as many services needed for your business. The sample plans below are just examples of what can be included (or removed) from your customized Virtual CFO Services plan.


The cost to hire a full-time CFO can range from $75,000 to over $200,000 per year. You can obtain our Virtual CFO Services at a fraction of this cost and still receive all the benefits of professional CFO expertise.


If you have a growing business our Virtual CFO Services are an ideal solution to outsource the day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance and overall financial management requirements for your business. Our affordable pricing plans make a Virtual CFO an attractive, viable option that will save you thousands of dollars per month compared to hiring a full-time CFO. We work with all types of businesses in all industries. Some of the services we include are outlined below:

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statement Preparation (Complete Monthly Financial Statements Including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Budget to Actual Comparison, KPI Analysis, Cash Flow Statement and More)


  • Tax Planning (We Will Help You Reduce and Minimize Your Business Income Taxes)

  • Business Income Tax Return Preparation (Accurate, Professional Business Income Tax Return Preparation and Compliance)

  • Bank Account Reconciliations (We Will Reconcile All Business Checking and Savings Accounts)

  • Credit Card Reconciliations (We Will Reconcile All Business Credit Card Accounts)

  • Accounting for Loans and Lines of Credit (Accounting for Loans and Lines of Credit Can Be Hard - We Make It Easy)

  • Accounting for Depreciation and Amortization (We Take Care of All Asset, Depreciation and Amortization Accounting)

  • Email Support (Unlimited Email Support For All Accounting and Business Finance Matters)

  • Phone Support (Unlimited Phone Support For All Accounting and Business Finance Matters)

  • Sales Tax Return Preparation (We Prepare All Necessary Sales Tax Returns for Your Business)

  • Virtual Meetings (On-Demand Virtual Meetings Available Any Time)

  • Accounts Payable Assistance Processing and Management (Manage Vendor Bills, Coordinate Payments, Manage Vendor Balances)

  • Accounts Receivable Processing and Management (Invoicing, Statements, Collections, Customer Payment Processing)

  • Payroll Processing with Direct Deposit and Payroll Tax Deposits (Complete Payroll Processing, Direct Deposit and Payroll Tax Compliance for Unlimited Employees/Contractors)

  • Cash Flow Management (We Will Analyze Cash Flow Requirements and Advise on Cash Flow Demands Every Month)

  • 12 Month Forecasting (Our Proprietary Forecasting System Will Project Your Business Performance For The Coming 12 Months)

  • Bank Relationships (We Will Manage Bank Relationships and Operate as a Central Point of Contact For Your Banking, Loan and Line of Credit Relationships)

  • Director's Meetings


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